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About us


Scott is the incredibly talented web design wizard. He created this site like always from scratch in his clean attractive style which is both visually appealing and user-friendly. Scott is just graduating high school and has a keen intellect for web consciousness and awareness. He will be a serious talent in the web design industry.


Phil is the rising star in internet marketing that is hard to come by. Phil is in charge of content creation and site visibility. He's a young family man and is putting himself through college. Phil is a fresh breath of air in the industry, he's passionate about what he does, a deep learner, and is that irreplaceable employee.


John is the mindster behind the infrared pen project. After some time destroying LED pens in hopes to make a Infrared pen, he decided to use his business relationship skills to obtain one, and at the same time help others who don't want to make an Infrared pen from scratch. He was also able to direct his first factory to affiliate website. Because of his efforts infrared pens are now available to you.

John also works with beekeepers across the US rescuing and relocating honeybees. All profits from are donated to this cause.