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  • Index finger select mode.
  • Use with Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboards
  • Use pen with projector or PC and Wiimote
  • Multi-point interactive tablet displays
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Our Infrared Pen Story

When you buy an infrared pen through all proceeds go to rescuing and relocating honeybees.


Creating Vs. Purchase Infrared Pen

Making an infrared pen can be more difficult than it appears! was inspired by many frustrated attempts to make a IR pen, many purchases and trips to RadioShack and Fry's Electronics; along with an hour or two of assembly with still no working IR pen!

When this site was first created, was the only commercial infrared pen seller. Finding an infrared pen to buy is no longer difficult; though we still have the best price available. This site was developed for individuals, schools, and small businesses that want a professional manufactured infrared pen. Feel free to leave your feedback.


About Infrared pens

Infra-red is Latin for "below red" infra, meaning "below". Researcher and student Johnny Chung Lee became a YouTube celebrity buy creating a cool hack of a infra cost electronic white board. A typical two thousand dollar electronic whiteboard can now easily be created by purchasing an infrared pen, a single $24 Nintendo Wiimote, and a standard projector.

The infrared camera in the Wiimote detects the infrared pen, transmits its location back to the computer as it were a mouse and has the ability to detect motion-emulated clicks.

Until recently there's been no common application of infrared pens. Now students, teachers, small business organizations and techies use infrared pens around the world. Information on infrared light was initially published in 1800 by detecting the infrared beyond the red part of the light spectrum. They were first called "Calorific Rays".